10 Guidelines / Compliance Energy Conservation Points


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10 Guidelines/Compliance Energy Conservation Points

– Heat integration shall be applied with global ΔT_min less than or equal to 30ºF and the
right use of utility level.
– Process-Utilities system shall exhibit best possible synergy.
– Efficiency of rotating equipment shall be more than 80-85%.
– Efficiency of fired heaters shall be more than 90-92%.
– Distillation columns shall be integrated with the rest of the process or among
themselves and columns with long difference in its temperature profile shall be
adapting inter-coolers or inter-heaters design features.
– Inlet feed to compressors shall be as cold as possible and to turbines as hot as possible.
– Turbines are used whenever possible and let down valves and let down drums shall be

– The process products’ temperatures shall not be higher than the feed temperatures, and process temperatures to air coolers shall be lower than 200ºF
– “Source” Processes shall be integrated with adjacent ones and/or produce heating
and/or cooling utilities.
– Heat transfer equipment shall always exhibit high U, as high as possible.

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