Data of Individual Telephone Exchanges


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The switching equipment, processors, traffic carrying units such as memories, common control equipment, power sources and other equipment (the provision of which depends on traffic) shall be calculated and dimensioned so that the exchange has the requisite initial, intermediate and ultimate capacities with the number of lines indicated at the average traffic specified per individual subscriber line and with the specified grade of service.

Data of Individual Telephone Exchanges

5.7.1 Distribution of Lines
The quantity of lines for the initial, intermediate and ultimate capacities of each exchange shall be divided into regular subscribes, PABX subscribers and other types of lines according to the relevant data.
5.7.2 Provisions of Optional Services for Subscribers
Information about optional services provided for each exchange shall include the prices of equipment, memory and programs necessary to provide subscribers with the percentage of services specified under the section of “Subscriber Services.”
5.7.3 Hardware
Printed circuit boards and cable connections shall have precious-metal contact points to ensure reliable contact. Relays, if any, may be of the mini-card mounting type, and shall have protective covers. An effective number of operations shall be specified, and supporting life-test data shall be provided. Although the provided equipment will be installed and operated under a climatic control environment, must be suitable for use in the tropical conditions prevailing in Saudi Arabia.
All required terminal equipment, to be connected to the telephone network, and all trunk/line workstations, such as video display units, printers, test access units, and subscriber telephone sets, shall be in accordance with FCC Part 68, (Federal Communications Commission – U.S.A.) “Connection of Terminal Equipment to the Telephone Network, revised 1988 (& onward).”
5.7.4 Corrosion Protection
All metallic parts shall be protected against corrosion.

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