Design Requirements of Digital Telephone Switching System


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Design Requirements
5.1 All Central Office (CO) Digital Telephone Switching Systems and associated equipment that are mentioned in this standard shall conform to all government requirements for importation of central office telecommunications equipment into the Kingdom. For procedure on central office telecommunication equipment importation, refer to the following Material Instructions (MIs):
MI-321.015 Materials Requiring Saudi Arab Government Import Permits, Letters of Authorization, and/or Clearance Permits
MI-321.021 Import Permits for Communications Equipment
5.2 The latest recommendations of the International Telecommunication Union – Telecommunications Standardization Sector (ITU-T), as applicable, are hereby recognized as Saudi Aramco Engineering Standard SAES-T-500 “Central Office (CO) Digital Telephone Switching Systems.”
The ITU-T recommendations, as specified in Section 3.2, shall constitute a set of basic specifications of Central Office telecommunications equipment for deployment and interconnections with the systems currently in operation.

Any revision to ITU-T recommendations as listed in Section 3.2 shall automatically be deemed to change this standard to reflect the revision.

Design Requirements of Digital Telephone Switching System

5.3 General Requirements
All new proposed CO digital switching equipment shall meet the specifications and technical requirements described herein and shall be suitable for interconnection with the Saudi Aramco systems currently in operation without modification of the existing equipment.
Under the Engineering Standard for Central Office (CO) Digital Telephone Switching Systems, only modern system designs are required, assuring Saudi Aramco that the central office digital exchange equipment will provide cost effective service throughout their useful lifetime. System designs shall permit modular growth in both hardware and software, in order to allow rapid introduction of the latest technological changes. The switching system shall be part of a Stored Program Control (SPC) family of digital telephone exchanges with Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) capability, as well as capable of combining local, tandem and transit (toll) exchanges.

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