DGA / Sour Water Stripper


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DGA / Sour Water Stripper

The purpose of the DGA Regeneration unit is to regenerate DGA used in the absorption of H2S. Lean DGA leaves the bottom of the regenerator column and is redistributed to the absorption unit. Acid gas removed in the DGA regenerator column is sent to the Sulfur Plant for sulfur recovery. The purpose of the sour water stripper is to remove hydrogen sulfide. The stripped sour water is discharged to the waste water treatment unit and other refinery units, which reuse the water. The acid gas, which contains hydrogen sulfide, is routed to the sulfur unit for sulfur recovery and ammonia disposal. Normally, sour water stripper is designed to process hundreds gallons per minutes (gpm) of sour water.

A schematic of the sour water stripper unit is depicted in the graph below.

Drawing a boundary around the sour water stripper unit, to conduct a big picture heat balance, is again the first step in assessing the unit’s energy efficiency.

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