Digital Telephone Exchange System Software Requirement


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The system software shall be designed to provide an efficient, continuous, reliable and stable service, throughout the digital exchange’s life, while the system performance objectives are fully met.

Digital Telephone Exchange System Software Requirement

The system software shall include all on-line and off-line system programs, support programs, permanent data, semi-permanent data, and other variable data. The data are defined here as follows:
a) Permanent Data
Data that define network, system hardware and software address linkages, and tables.
b) Semi-permanent Data
Data that define exchange-dependent parameters that can be changed by man-machine commands.
c) Variable Data
Data that define subscribers conditions and the switching conditions at any point in time. These data are constantly modified and/or manipulated by software in response to changes in software and hardware conditions.

5.34.2 Software Configuration

a) Design Objectives
The software configuration shall be modular. Each module shall have a well-defined function with standard interfaces and procedures for communicating with other modules. Inter-module coupling shall be minimized to achieve modular independence. The modules shall be easy to add and to modify without interfering with modules in operation, and provide fault tracing and debugging capability. Sufficient memory space shall be reserved for program changes.
b) Types of programs
Call processing, maintenance functions, and the administration of the exchanges shall be under control of software. Programs shall include, but not be limited to, the three main categories shown below:
1) Operational programs
Such as system operating, call handling, fault recovery, diagnostic, maintenance and administration programs.
2) Installation testing programs

installation testing programs shall provide testing capability for the system during the off-line installation, and during the on-line exchange expansion.
3) Supporting programs
The supporting programs will be necessary to support all kinds of software used in the on-line and off-line systems. The supporting programs shall have program tracing and debugging facilities to enable operating personnel to analyze program faults.

5.34.3 Man-Machine Communication Software

Man-machine communication software shall provide interface between the operation and maintenance software and the man-machine communication devices. Man-machine language (MML) used by the system shall follow ITU-T Recommendations. The man-machine communication software shall perform checks on requests from the operation and maintenance staffs for function to be performed, and ensure that all the data required to activate a function are correct. The man-machine communication shall be accomplished by means of commands from the visual display units with keyboards within the exchange unit facility or at a remote location. The output message shall be in English, and not in coded format. Each message shall be clear, concise, and understandable by maintenance personnel who have had no special training in programming.

5.34.4 Backup Storage for Software System, and Programming Language

Backup storage shall be provided for all programs, permanent data and semi-permanent data. More than one medium of system program and data backup storage shall be provided.
High-level language shall be used in major or all parts of the digital switching system.
5.34.5 Information Required for Software Changes
All modifications and/or improvements generated by the manufacturer as part of product software upgrading, and all new capabilities, which are incorporated into the system, shall be offered to Saudi Aramco.
The manufacturer shall describe the methods used for updating the software of the exchange with new software versions developed by their software department. In particular, detailed answers are required to the following:
a) What arrangements shall be provided for the issuance of new software versions when improvements are introduced?
b) What changes in functional specifications, subsequent to acceptance of the system, shall be made on a joint basis between the manufacturer and Saudi Aramco?
c) How will the initial exchange data load be processed and how will it be updated?
d) Proven Software

The manufacturer shall indicate whether the provided software programs for a proposed exchange:
1. Have been proven in service in the same type of exchange as the one offered to Saudi Aramco, or
2. Shall be specially developed or substantially modified to meet Saudi Aramco’s requirements or have been tested in the laboratory but have not yet been proven in the field.
Manufacturers shall provide information on pre-tested programs that describes the tests used, with supporting documentation.

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