Digital Telephone Switching System Codes & Standards

The selection of material and equipment, and the design, construction, maintenance, and repair of equipment and facilities covered by this standards & Codes Digital Telephone Switching System if  shall comply with the latest edition of the references listed below.

Digital Telephone Switching System Codes & Standards

American National Standards Institute
ANSI/NFPA 70 National Electric Code, NEC
ANSI C2 National Electrical Safety Code
Department of Communications (Canada)
CSA C108.8 (CSA: Canadian Standards Association) Radiated Emission Limits
Federal Communications Commission (U.S.A.)
FCC Part 15 Radio Frequency Devices – Subparts B and D Radiated Emission Limits, revised 1998 and onward
FCC Part 68 Connection of Terminal Equipment to the Telephone Network, revised 1998 & onward
International Telecommunication Union – Telecommunications Standardization Sector (ITU-T) formerly CCITT (The International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee).
ITU-T E.410 International Network Management Yellow Book Rec.
ITU-T G.121 Loudness Ratings of National Systems
ITU-T G.704 Synchronous Frame Structures
ITU-T G.707 Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
ITU-T G.711 PCM of Voice Frequencies

ITU-T G.712 Transmission Performance Characteristics of PCM Channels
ITU-T G.732 Characteristics of primary PCM Multiplex Equipment Operating at 2048 kb/s
ITU-T G.811 Timing Characteristics of Primary Ref. Clocks
ITU-T G.821 Error Performance Forming Part of ISDN
ITU-T G.822 Controlled Slip Rate Objectives
ITU-T G.823 Control of Jitter & Wander (2048 kb/s)
ITU-T I-series For ISDN General Implementation Plan
ITU-T I.412 ISDN User-Network Interfaces (Structures)
ITU-T I.430 Basic User-Network Interface–Layer 1
ITU-T I.431 Primary User-Network Interface Layer 1
ITU-T I.440 ISDN User-Network Interface Data Link
(Published Under Alias # Q.920) General Aspects Layer 2 ITU-T I.441 ISDN User-Network Interface Data Link (Published Under Alias # Q.921) Specification Layer 2
ITU-T I.450 ISDN User-Network Interface Layer 3 (Published Under Alias # Q.930) General Aspects
ITU-T I.451 ISDN User-Network Interface Layer 3
(Published Under Alias # Q.931) Specification for Basic Call Control ITU-T Q.440 thru Q.480 Inter-register Signaling Procedures
ITU-T Q.544 Digital Exchange Measurements
ITU-T Q.552 & Q.553 Transmission Characteristics (2-w & 4-w)
ITU-T Q.701 thru Q.707 Message Transfer Part (MTU)
ITU-T Q.709 Hypothetical Signaling Reference Connection
ITU-T Q.721 thru Q.725 Telephone User Part (TUP)
ITU-T Q.921 & Q.931 ISDN-for PRI Signaling
ITU-T SS No.1 Signaling System Number 1
ITU-T SS R2 Signaling System R2 (Inter-register Signaling)
ITU-T SS No.5 Signaling System Number 5
ITU-T SS No.6 Signaling System Number 6 (CCS)
ITU-T SS No.7 Signaling System Number 7

ITU-T X.200 & X.210 IT/OSI Basic Reference Model
ITU-T X.25 LAP.B/D (Link Access Protocol B /D)

International Standard Organization

ISO 3309 & ISO 4335 High Level Data Link Control (HLDLC) Standards for Frame Structure and Elements and Procedures
National Fire Protection Association
NFPA 12A Halon 1301 Fire Extinguishing Systems
NFPA 72E Standard on Automatic Fire Detectors
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
UL 924 Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment


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