Documentation Requirements for Digital Telephone Exchange System

The manufacturer shall provide documentation to be used by planning, installation, operation, maintenance, administration and training staff.

Documentation Requirements for Digital Telephone Exchange System

All documents shall be submitted in accordance with a schedule consistent with the training and installation programs as part of the Project Implementation Plan (PIP).
Should changes be needed to any documentation during the installation, revised documentation shall be supplied for inclusion in each of the reference and exchange sets. If copies of the revised documents cannot be made available in final form when needed for the installation activities, marked-up copies of the exchange set shall be supplied before the installation work proceeds. These copies shall be replaced by documents in final form before final acceptance.

5.44 Training Program (if required)

The manufacturer shall provide a program for training Saudi Aramco personnel on all equipment associated with the offered systems.
Commentary Note:
The manufacturer shall submit the following items in writing for approval by Saudi Aramco prior to commencement of training:
a) Syllabus and duration of required courses.
b) Performance objectives for each course as well as for the overall training program and related performance measurement criteria.
c) Pre-entry requirements (knowledge and skill levels) to be applied in selecting trainees for the courses at each stage in the training program.
d) Number of people expected to become skilled in each skill category (after allowing for an attrition factor during training).
e) Places where the manufacturer intends to provide training.
f) Training schedule.


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