Energy Efficiency Optimization Problem Description


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Energy Efficiency Optimization objective aims to specifying the near-optimal design that minimizes the new plant’s energy consumption at zero/minimum deficiency in energy supply of the utility systems to the plant’s process at minimum capital cost. Following that, the task will be to list all possible design ptions/actions/modifications necessary to achieve the specified/desired process target(s).

Energy Efficiency Optimization Problem Description

This includes identification of all related engineering activities in a minimum possible time using design data and without any interruption to the overall project schedule. The scope of the energy efficiency optimization study shall include the power, heating and cooling systems that are mandatory to satisfy certain process demands along the lifetime of the project.

Technical Approach

Energy system components are generation, distribution and utilization. The objective here is to minimize waste in energy fresh resources and capital in these three components. This can be done via the continuous upgrade of the efficiency of energy system components in generation, distribution and utilization. However, the utilization component has a unique feature, where the room of improvement in this component can have tangible impact on the process capital cost in addition to energy utility system cost.

For the sake of simplicity and timely results, an acceptable technical approach can include decomposition of the energy efficiency optimization problem and the using of thermodynamics methods combined with some heuristics (pinch technology and others). Pinch analysis/technology can be adapted in lieu of Mathematical Programming/Optimization Techniques. However, the utilization of the later will always be beneficial in automating some of the synthesis tasks.

For grassroots applications, which are our emphasis at this stage, the project design data base shall be fully utilized to facilitate the energy review process and result in merits.

The plant’s energy utility needs shall be defined with reasonable level of flexibility and the energy utility system; electricity, fuel, steam and other energy-related utilities shall be defined one by one to find the near- optimal consumption of such utilities that guarantee minimum/zero deficiency in the utility supply to plant processes subject to controlled minimum capital cost. The company reliability figures shall also be considered while seeking energy system cost minimization.

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