Fabrication and Installation Digital Exchange Equipments


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Fabrication and Installation Digital Exchange Equipments

6.1 The instructions issued by the manufacturer(s) shall be followed unless specific exceptions or deviations are noted in writing and/or on the installation / construction drawings. During the installation, the manufacturer(s) instructions shall also be followed and complied with, to avoid the possibility of violating manufacturer’s equipment warranty conditions.

6.2 The manufacturer/contractor shall have full responsibility for fabrication, delivery, installation, and testing, of the offered CO digital switching and associated equipment.
6.3 The manufacturer/contractor shall follow proper guidelines for standard safety procedures during fabrication, delivery, installation, testing, cutover, operation and maintenance. The installation of Central Office (CO) equipment shall comply with this standard, SAES-O-100 (General Requirements for Safety and Security), the National Electrical Code, National Electrical Safety Code and other referenced and applicable standards and specifications.

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