Feasibility Study Asset Performance Management Assessments RECOMMENDATIONS


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To address the current gaps in the Safaniya Utility Units’ Asset Management Program, the following actions are recommended:

Feasibility Study Asset Performance Management Assessments RECOMMENDATIONS

• Adopt and implement the Total Plant Reliability Manual for the Utility Unit’s as well as for the remaining units of the Safaniya GOSP.
• Perform internal or external audits on a regular basis to ensure ongoing attention to program shortfalls.
• The Safaniya GOSP should adopt Guide Number 02-001-2009, Risk Assessment and Management, A Guide for Managers; implementation of the guideline should be accomplished with the assistance of a third party to ensure consistency and objectivity.
• SABP-G-017 10 Equipment Criticality Assessment which provides a procedure for developing equipment criticality should be adopted and implemented.
• The adoption and implementation of a formal risk assessment approach will allow for alignment of maintenance and inspection resources with the risk that each item of equipment poses resulting in a more efficient use of resources and potentially reducing overall costs.
• A SABP-G-012, A User Guide to Root Cause Analysis Guidelines and Procedures should be adopted and implemented at the Safaniya GOSP.
• As indicated in the assessment findings, there was no process currently in place to review and trend maintenance results.
• The bases for determining maintenance work plans should be ascertained. If the process has relied on vendor’s recommendations and plant experience, processes such as reliability centered maintenance and RBI assessments should be performed to optimize maintenance resources.
• A process should be developed to review maintenance results and identify trends which may indicate the need for more frequent maintenance activity or, conversely, investigate the risk of accomplishing maintenance tasks less frequently if warranted.

• Test equipment to measure the ground resistance with valid calibration certificate should be provided to the operations and maintenance departments. It is also recommended that the ground resistance be checked periodically.
• As a “best practice”, a program for independent calibration of test equipment should be developed and implemented.
• Maintenance records for electrical failures and anomalies are recorded to provide a history of failures/troubles from which assessments can be accomplished.
• Equipment Recommendations:
• Rotating — To address the seal problem, replacement of the present mechanical seals with double seals with a recirculating flush of potable water has been proposed. This is a viable solution for this problem.
• Static Equipment/Piping — Damaged Formation Water FBE lined piping should be replaced with new spools using flanged connections; develop and apply bolting procedures, train personnel in their proper application, and insure proper quality control of bolting maintenance tasks.
• Instruments —The root cause of the loss of automatic control of PCV-2066B/2067B and PCV-2068B should be determined and the problem corrected.
• Insure that checking for transformer oil leaks is included as part of the equipment PM regime.
• Insulated grounding cables should be used to protect the cable conductors from the corrosive conditions of the unit.
• The solutions to Utility Unit equipment and operating problems have been identified; they need to be implemented.
• The efforts to decrease the RO water content by placing the delivery pipeline output from Tanjib downstream of the installed deaerator should be implemented.
• Improve the process and oversight of design/construction/commissioning activities carried out by contractors. This should include selection and training of Saudi Aramco personnel to ensure those with sign-off authority have sufficient knowledge and understanding to ensure contractors meet all specified requirements.
• Develop a process that allows for input of site field experience into upgrade design review process.

• Undertake an audit to ensure that drawings, documents, etc. affected by a MOC have been updated. Additionally, provide a means for completing and signing off the close out checkout sheet in SON-040 -330.
• Develop a means for tracking the status of each MOC as the actions required by
SON-040 -330 are competed.
• While the assessment team is cognizant of the barriers to identifying, hiring, and retaining qualified, experienced personnel, efforts to obtain such personnel, especially for key equipment experts, should be re-emphasized as a top priority.
• Review Tables 3-1 through 3-20 to ensure recorded minor deficiencies are addressed.

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