General Information of Digital Switching System


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The following information, associated with each individual digital switching system, shall be provided during the detailed design phase, in order to meet the specifications in this document:

General Information of Digital Switching System

a) Description on how calls are analyzed, processed, and established for each type of traffic.
b) Maximum number of line and trunk terminations.
c) Maximum traffic intensity per line and per trunk (in erlangs).
d) Maximum traffic capacity of the switching system (in erlangs).
e) Maximum BHCA of system processors; and how the BHCA is calculated.

f) The false (ineffective) call attempts shall be assumed to be 25% of the total call attempts and must be added to the total call attempts when calculating the switching module subscriber stage.
g) Maximum number of simultaneous connections of trunks and lines.
h) Maximum traffic allowed for PBX trunks (in erlangs).
i) Maximum number of inlets and outlets under which full accessibility of the switch is possible.

j) Modularity and growth sequence for all traffic-carrying units and control elements.
k) Maximum memory capacity of each processor to store programs and data.
l) Main memory word length (in bits).
m) Main memory address length (in bits).
n) Estimated occupancy of processors when handling maximum BHCA.
o) Description of all software and memories that will be normally off-line, and how and when they are brought on-line during operation.

p) Description of all routines to verify availability of “off-line” data.
q) Value of crosstalk between lines.
r) Method of connecting digital subscriber lines to the switching system.
s) Switching matrix reliability regarding calls during talking state.

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