Individual Switching Systems of Digital Telephone Exchange System


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Individual Switching Systems of Digital Telephone Exchange System

5.19 Descriptions of Individual Switching Systems

The following two sections present functional requirements for each of the digital switches covered by this specification. These digital switches are:
5.19.1 Local Exchange
5.19.2 Remote Line Switch (RLS)

5.20 Local Exchange

A local exchange or end office may also serve as a host exchange for RLS (Remote Line Switch). Local exchanges shall be connected to other exchanges via digital PCM links.
All administration and maintenance of the local exchange including traffic measurements, operations and maintenance, monitoring billing and system diagnostics, and call tracing, shall be provided by systems internal to the local exchange. The local exchanges shall be equipped with interface hardware necessary to be connected to its operations and maintenance center. Each local exchange shall provide control and data storage for individual call records and billing functions.

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