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Maintenance – Corrective Maintenance (CM) – All Disciplines | Plant Asset Management

  1. What is the percentage of CM work orders that do not have sequential instructions on how to do the task?
    How often are new WOs developed because of a CM work order?
    How many WOs are there?
  2. What is the breakdown of CM task per a risk priority during the past year, six months, month, and week?
  3. What is the current backlog and is it classified by priority?
  4. Who is responsible for monitoring and trending plant components contributing to processing delays? Is the data analyzed and used to add PM tasks to reduce the need for CM activities?
  5. What has been the number of major repairs? Replacements? Or capital rehabilitations in the last year, six months, month, week? Have any resulted in changes to the PM schedule?
  6. Do you have examples of CM completion data filed in CMMS?

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