Maintenance – Planned Equipment Maintenance – All Disciplines | Plant Asset Management

Maintenance – Planned Equipment Maintenance – All Disciplines | Plant Asset Management

  1. Has Safaniya developed individual equipment maintenance plans for major equipment items and generic classes that include predictive (condition monitoring) and preventative (calendar-based) maintenance programs? When were the maintenance plans last updated and what were the bases for updating
  2. Were the equipment maintenance plans developed using a formal process, such as RCM or RBI, which evaluates risk and takes into account degradation mechanism, expected life and operating requirements?
  3. What are the predictive and preventive maintenance programs presently in-place? Are maintenance intervals regularly reviewed based on operating history and future operating modes?
  4. Are unplanned maintenance outages used to perform upcoming planned maintenance activities?
  5. Are work requests for predictive and preventive maintenance automatically inputted into the computerized work management system?
  6. Are the operators required to conduct minor maintenance during their process rounds and are they formally trained to perform the maintenance activities?
  7. What is the current maintenance work backlog by different disciplines and type of work, i.e. preventive maintenance, etc.?
  8. Have any equipment failures occurred because a planned maintenance activity could not be carried out in accordance with the plan? What changes were made to ensure that it does not recur?


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