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  1. What process is used to review, approve and prioritize maintenance work? Is the process risk based (consequence and probability) and is priority given to not performing work unless absolutely necessary?
  2. Is there a planning function for maintenance work and what jobs are planned vs. unplanned? What is the maintenance software used for planning? Is it compatible with the other site functions? How experienced are the personnel using the software?
  3. Do plans include schedule timing of identify key activities and estimate overall outage duration?
  4. Is there a library of standard work plans? How does the mechanic follow the plan and is a check-off procedure used?
  5. Are materials, tools, personnel verified before releasing plans for execution?
  6. What procedure or check is used to ensure all tools and materials are available when execution commences?
  7. What procedure is used to turnover completed work to Operations? Does the procedure include a checklist or sign-off sheet, formal post maintenance testing?
  8. Is final housekeeping part of the work execution plan?
  9. What procedure is used to monitor parts usage and ensure adequate materials and replacement parts are available for maintenance?
  10. How often has maintenance been delayed because materials and replacement parts were unavailable? What was done to avoid a recurrence?
  11. What priority is given to fire protection maintenance requests and work? Is there a backlog for this type work?
  12. Who controls the training content and the frequency of training for maintenance personnel?
  13. Do all work orders have the necessary information to perform the job or are there times when the job is delayed because of missing information or parts?
  14. What is the backlog of WOs by priority code? What are the main causes for the delays

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