Plant Asset Management | Asset Management Review Process


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Plant Asset Management | Asset Management Review Process

Performance of a structured review of a Saudi Aramco’s Asset Management System at Safaniya’s Utility Units with a view to benchmarking against current industry standards and best practice (as required), identifying perceived deficiencies and establishing improvement plans.

The process is carried out by a combination of questionnaires, staff interviews and a review of existing documentation (policies, procedures, and maintenance history [e.g. monitoring and inspection data)
 To confirm the key drivers for improvements in asset management, e.g.,
– Business requirements
– Health, Safety and Environmental commitments
 To identify and highlight areas of best-practice
 To identify potential shortfalls in existing asset management systems, e.g.,
– Policies, procedures and guidelines
– Organizational issues
– Record keeping, activity scheduling, etc.
 To provide recommendations for improvements to the asset management strategy
 To identify key performance indicators which could be used to measure the effectiveness of the asset management strategy
 To review the applicability of supporting methodologies (e.g., RBI, RAM, IOWs) to increase the effectiveness of asset management

Plant Asset Management Scope

The review process covers the following elements (or equivalents), which typically form part of the Asset Management System:
 Policy & Strategic Objectives
 Organization & Resources
 Risk Management
 Design & Construction
 Operations Practice
 Maintenance
 Inspection & Monitoring
 Management of Change
 Information Management
 Staff Competency
 Third Party Services
 Anomalies, Repairs & Failure Analysis
 System Review & Audit
 Individual Disciplines

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