Policy & Strategic Objectives – All Disciplines | Plant Asset Management


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Policy & Strategic Objectives – All Disciplines | Plant Asset Management

  1. Does the Safaniyah have an Asset Management Policy?
  2. Is the Policy endorsed by the Saudi Aramco’s Senior Management?
  3. How is the Policy communicated to staff?
  4. Is the Policy supported by appropriate reference material (procedures, guidelines, etc.)?
  5. What are the main drivers for the asset management program?
  6. How are staff involved in the development of Asset Management Policy and supporting activities?
  7. Does the asset management approach define any key performance targets?
  8. Is planning related to asset management fully integrated with;
     Safety Cases?
     Maintenance strategy?
     Performance standards?
     Operations?
  9. Are there mechanisms to share asset management knowledge within the organization e.g. lessons learned reporting?
  10. Are measures in place to record the cost of Asset Management e.g. the costs of corrosion directs/indirects?
  11. Are records of loss of containment maintained?
  12. What performance measures are in place to monitor the success of asset management activities? Are any KPIs relating to asset management used at present?
  13. Is asset management a key feature of site safety tours and regular site tours by Senior Management?

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