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Publish PDF eBooks with Interactive Features

EBooks Terminal is such a powerful digital solution allowing user to transform PDF documents into stunning and interactive flip books to engage customers. What you need to do is importing your PDF in this program, and it will be converted automatically at once. Besides, you are able to add images, flash animation, links, page-turning effect and other rich media to any pages of your digital publications to make them more vivid and impressive.

2. Publish Unlimited Stunning Digital PDF Documents on Mobile Devices

With EBooks Terminal you are capable of creating as many stunning online publications as you want, and you are also allowed to add as many pages as you want into a publication. There is no any limitation for you users.

Moreover, since EBooks Terminal supports HTML5 output for mobile devices, after creation of your interactive PDFs, you are not only able to publish your items on PC, Mac, mobile devices option is also for you. All readers can enjoy the interactive publication on various mobile devices, such as iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone and tablet.

3. Publish Digital Interactive PDF on Social Networks

It is very perfect for you to publish your interactive PDF on the social network to keep the interest of old customers and find the new potential ones, which also benefits to improve brand awareness. FlipHTML5 as a professional digital publication platform is very helpful for sharing digital publications on social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and etc, which can help you share your attractive online PDF publications with people across the globe.