Steam System | Testing Steam Traps | Energy Conservation in Plant


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Testing Steam Traps – Testing steam traps on a frequent basis; is important task that need to be conducted by plant operators. Such practices are very common nowadays and represent part of daily work activities to the plants operators.

Steam System | Testing Steam Traps | Energy Conservation in Plant

However, several tips are always available to help plants operators and make their lives easier. For instance, failure in the closed position is usually signaled by poor equipment performance. This kind of failure can go unnoticed on steam unit. Failure in open position causes line steam losses too. Inefficient operation is the most common failure.

Malfunctioning steam traps are identified either by measuring the temperature or analyzing the sound made by the trap.

If a steam trap is functioning properly, there is a significant temperature difference between its upstream and downstream (condensate) sides.
If no temperature difference can be measured (using either a contact probe with a thermocouple or an infrared pyrometer), the steam trap has failed to open.

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