Summary of General Boilers Efficiency Improvements Tips


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Boiler Tune up to reduce unnecessary excess air as well as to ensure complete combustion.

Summary of General Boilers Efficiency Improvements Tips

  • Combustion air preheating
  • Reduction of exhaust temperature through ensuring clean heat transfer surfaces by good water treatment as well as less combustion deposits.
  • Improve boiler insulation
  • Proper water treatment to reduce blow down rate
  • Avoid excessive blow down
  • Heat recovery from the blow down
  • Maximization of utilization of condensate return and insulate its network to reduce its heat losses
  • Switching to gaseous fuel to ensure easier fuel mixing
  • Proper Chimney design to ensure proper draft and to avoid high exhaust temperature
  • Avoid part load operation
  • Improve combustion control
  • Replacing boilers

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