System Capacity of Digital Telephone Switching System

System Capacity
The Bidder and/or the Manufacturer shall provide the following information relating to the proposed switching system independent of the parameters for each exchange, which are to be separately specified:
5.6.1 Maximum system capacity to connect subscriber lines.
5.6.2 Maximum capacity of system processor to handle traffic in terms of Busy Hour Call Attempts (BHCA).
5.6.3 Maximum word capacity for each system memory to store programs and data.
5.6.4 The number of bits in each word.

5.6.5 Maximum average traffic intensity (in erlangs per subscriber line).
5.6.6 Maximum average traffic intensity (in erlangs per trunk).
5.6.7 Maximum number of outlets with complete accessibility in the selection matrix of the system, including whether this number can be increased to provide full accessibility to all of the selection matrix outlets.


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