Testing and Inspection of Digital Telephone Switching System


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Acceptance shall consist of tests and inspections conducted on the CO digital switching system in-factory and on-site according to standard measurement and test procedures. The acceptance, unless otherwise specified in writing, shall be conducted in the following stages:

Testing and Inspection of Digital Telephone Switching System

7.1.1 Factory Testing

The factory testing has the aim of demonstrating the proper operation of functional subsystems. Saudi Aramco will have the right to be present at the factory during the testing of the equipment before shipment.
The manufacturer/contractor shall notify Saudi Aramco one (1) month in advance of the testing schedule to enable Saudi Aramco to send its authorized representative(s) to observe the testing of the equipment.

If Saudi Aramco does not send its authorized representative(s) at the specified time, the manufacturer/contractor can ship the equipment, provided it submits to Saudi Aramco a copy of the recorded tests performed in the factory.

7.1.2 Inspection on Delivery to Site

These inspections ensure that all items have been delivered to site without damage.

7.1.3 On-site Testing

On-site testing has the aim to demonstrate the proper operation of the CO digital switching systems.

7.2 Test Plans

The manufacturer/contractor shall propose a comprehensive acceptance test schedule, provide detailed testing procedures and record the results at each stage of the acceptance testing for the use of its own and Saudi Aramco’s staff.
The test plans shall include a description of tests to be conducted, identification of test equipment required, amount of data to be recorded and criteria for evaluation.

7.3 Pre-Cutover

Pre-cutover tests shall be conducted by the manufacturer/contractor to demonstrate the readiness of offered equipment for cutover. Such tests shall demonstrate to Saudi Aramco the capability of the offered equipment to meet the requirements of this technical specification, including functional and load tests as specified in sections 7.5 and 7.6, which are part of the pre-cutover tests.
In addition to the tests, which demonstrate the proper operation of the system under normal operating conditions, tests shall be performed to demonstrate the capability of the offered equipment to perform under non-nominal conditions, including emergencies. Fault conditions shall be introduced to demonstrate the performance of system diagnostics and maintenance routines, including the introduction of simulated fault conditions to check the redundancy system which necessitate the automatic switchover of standby call processing systems for system recovery. Other tests shall demonstrate proper performance under public utility AC power outage conditions, including the performance of the standby AC power system (diesel generators) and the reserve power arrangement (batteries). The manufacturer/contractor shall generate a report documenting the pre-cutover test results for Saudi Aramco’s approval prior to cutover.

7.4 Equipment Appearance Inspection

This section provides a checklist to verify that the installed Central Office (CO) digital switching equipment, meet basic quality standards for “fit and finish” details.
a) Alignment of equipment frames.
b) Mounting fixtures.
c) Mechanical operations.
d) Operation of cabinet doors.
e) General hardware components.
f) Cabinet surfaces.
g) Cabling and wiring.
h) Workmanship of wiring on distribution frames (MDF, DDF, and IDF).
i) Neatness of cable dressings.

7.5 Functional Tests

A functional test shall be conducted to demonstrate the ability, of the system’s hardware and software, equipment components and modules, to correctly perform the service functions specified herein. Operational tests shall be performed to exercise all circuits and circuit components to ensure their proper functioning. End-to-end circuit tests shall be conducted to ensure continuity and transmission levels.

7.6 Load Tests

Software and hardware generated load testing shall be conducted to demonstrate the ability of the system to perform without degradation under the effective maximum load of traffic. The load tests shall not be conducted until after the functional tests have been successfully completed.

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