Wiring and Cables | Module Replacement | Modular Structure | Digital Telephone Switching Systems


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Wiring and Cables | Module Replacement | Modular Structure | Digital Telephone Switching Systems

5.9 Modular Structure

Store Program Control (SPC) switching systems are required. Software and hardware must be modular to facilitate operation of the exchanges and to provide incremental expansion of the system.

5.10 System Maintenance

The operation of the system shall be automatically and continuously supervised by methods, which do not interrupt traffic.
5.10.1 Module Replacement
Equipment (hardware) failures shall be correctable by replacement with interchangeable units.
5.10.2 Centralized Maintenance
The system shall be equipped with inlet and outlet terminals to permit connection to a remote maintenance location, besides the local maintenance facility.

5.11 Wiring and Cables

Wiring shall be independent of the mechanical structure of the system to allow flexibility in the planning, mounting and grouping of the system elements, such as the traffic carrying and functional units.
Plug-in cables shall be used. These cables shall be precut to the proper size at the factory and supplied ready to install.

5.12 Heat Dissipation

The manufacturer shall provide a system whereby the operation of the system and the quality of service can be guaranteed in the event of failure of the ventilation of the system.
The manufacturer shall also provide details of the proposed digital exchange heat dissipation and consumption at no load and at full load for each unit and subunit of the exchange as well as the overall requirements for each exchange.

5.13 Grounding

All racks and other hardware will be equipped with grounding points, and when installed, will be grounded at the exchange room.
Refer to the SAES-T-795 “Communications Facility Grounding Systems.”

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